NetAccess::statInternal and showing job progress

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On July 20, 2010, you wrote:
> On Friday 16 July 2010, Aaron J. Seigo wrote:
> > is there any pressing reason to show the progress info for stat/exist
> > checks on remote files? i'd like to commit this and backport if there is
> > consensus.
> I object. This is very useful for slow (or even hanging) connections.

for file transfers, i agree. but for stats and existence checking, what's the 
use there? other than for debugging, which i really don't think is a good 
excuse for showing such things to the user every single time, i can't see the 
benefit to sending job notifications about checking for file details.

stats and existence checking are almost never something the user is actively 
triggering (from their POV), and so the desktop starts sounding very "chatty" 
telling them about all kinds of internal details of things they haven't 
triggered (again, from their POV) and which they really don't care about.

moreover, if an app really needs to beware of slow connections and user 
feedback as a result, they shouldn't be using NetAccess.

> It is not useful for fast connections, but the fix for that is to only show
> notifications for jobs that last more than 0.5 second.

which is what nearly all of my ssh accounts take on first connect (and 
sometimes even on subsequent connects).

> This is what the
> "old" dialog-based notifications did (*), and the bug here is that the
> plasma notifications don't do that. They should delay the addition of jobs
> by 0.5 second and forget about them if they were completed meanwhile.

i've implemented this in the application jobs DataEngine, but this doesn't 
address the actual issue.

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