Inclusion of simon in kde-accessibility

Peter Grasch grasch at
Sun Jul 18 20:34:41 BST 2010


My name is Peter Grasch and I am the main developer behind the open source 
speech recognition project simon. simon is mainly targeted towards the 
physically handicapped and can be used with any language or dialect. It can be 
used to control your computer to launch applications, load URLs, type with the 
use of a speech controlled on screen keyboard and more.

Article on the dot:
Sourceforge page:
KDE Apps:

I attended this years Akademy in Tampere where I gave a talk about simon 
(, 16:00 - 16:30, Room 1).

During an interview in Demola with Troy Unrau he asked me how I would feel 
about simon being included in KDE. So after talking to Dirk Mueller, Gunnar 
Schmidt and Jeremy Whiting this is my formal letter to apply for inclusion of 
simon in the KDE Accessibility module.

I don't yet have a KDE SVN account and our software was not developed in 
playground which is why our current code can be found in the following git 

If I were to be accepted I would prefer to directly move to the new KDE git 
repository directly (or stay at sourceforge until it is ready) instead of 
moving back to SVN only to convert back to git later if this is at all 

Two small issues that I hope won't be too big of a problem:

1. The handbook has not yet been updated from 0.2 to 0.3 so at the moment it 
contains some outdated information. This is something I am working on, tough.

2. Our git repository also contains a fork of Julius because the upstream 
version is not building dynamic libraries and has some bugs that we fixed in 
our fork. This has all been reported to the Julius maintainer but he has yet 
to act on it (first patch was sent in 2008). As I don't want to diverge too 
much from upstream (I update the fork from time to time) I din't fix any of 
the issues in Juliuses code reported by Krazy.

After sending this mail I will also apply for a KDE SVN account as discussed 
with Troy as I understand that they will be converted to git accounts 

Looking forward to your feedback.

Peter Grasch
SIMON listens e.V.

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