New script in kdesdk/scripts: reviewboarddiff

Aurélien Gâteau agateau at
Thu Jul 15 09:56:10 BST 2010

On 12/07/2010 21:03, Matthew Woehlke wrote:

> Hmm. First off, I would add -d and try again to see what it thinks it is 
> doing. 

Good idea. Here is the output:

post-review -n -d
>>> svn info
>>> git rev-parse --git-dir
>>> git symbolic-ref -q HEAD
>>> git svn info
>>> repository info: Path: svn+ssh://, Base path:
/trunk/KDE/kdebase, Supports changesets: False
>>> git config --get reviewboard.url
>>> svn propget reviewboard:url svn+ssh://

If I manually run the propget this way it works:

svn propget reviewboard:url svn+ssh://

My guess is that it works for you as long as your svn username is the
same as your local one, which is not the case here.

> Well, post-review has the distinct advantage of performing the upload 
> for you :-). (Given enough command line options you can even fill in and 
> immediately publish the diff.)

Not sure I would like it to publish without me looking at what it
created, but I can see how this can be handy in some situations.

> Being able to generate a usable diff from an uncommitted change can be 
> useful, though. However I might encourage you to try to 'fix' 
> post-review to eliminate the constraints you find bothersome instead 
> :-). (Or at least, s/instead/in the long run/.)

Yes, I should look into this. Unfortunately my time is quite limited...


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