New script in kdesdk/scripts: reviewboarddiff

Matthew Woehlke mw_triad at
Mon Jul 12 20:03:49 BST 2010

Aurélien Gâteau wrote:
> On 10/07/2010 02:00, Matthew Woehlke wrote:
>> Aurélien Gâteau wrote:
>>> Following a request from the GIT BoF at Akademy, I added my
>>> reviewboarddiff script to kdesdk/scripts. It makes it possible to
>>> generate reviewboard compatible diffs from a git-svn repository.
>> Um... what doesn't work? I use post-review all the time to generate
>> review requests from a git-svn environment. (You do need to commit your
>> changes to !master first, but that's really not a bad habit to get into
>> anyway. Plus then you can use --guess-description and friends.)
> I assumed before that it would not work with git-svn, only plain svn or
> git repositories, so I just gave it a try.
> I wanted to only output a diff so I ran it like this:
> post-review -n --username<my-svn-username>
> It failed to connect to svn. It asked for a password which is not
> necessary, since authentication is done via ssh keys.

Hmm. First off, I would add -d and try again to see what it thinks it is 
doing. (I *always* pass -d to post-review to see what is going on.) It's 
possible it doesn't work correctly with svn+ssh; I'm not sure if I've 
tried that. (The repo I have for work uses https, and while I know I've 
used post-review for KDE, I don't know offhand if I've used it on any of 
my git-svn modules.)

FWIW I don't believe I've ever had to give --username.

> It is highly
> possible I am not using the tool correctly. It looks handy, but I think
> reviewboarddiff would still be useful as a simpler alternative, with
> less constraints than post-review.

Well, post-review has the distinct advantage of performing the upload 
for you :-). (Given enough command line options you can even fill in and 
immediately publish the diff.)

Being able to generate a usable diff from an uncommitted change can be 
useful, though. However I might encourage you to try to 'fix' 
post-review to eliminate the constraints you find bothersome instead 
:-). (Or at least, s/instead/in the long run/.)

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