Moving palapeli-goldberg-slicer to kdereview

Stefan Majewsky kdemailinglists at
Sun Jul 11 22:26:43 BST 2010

On Wednesday 30 June 2010 23:00:37 Johannes Loehnert wrote:
> after a bit of polishing I have now moved Goldberg Slicer to kdereview.

The code looks good to me. The algorithms could probably use some more 
documentation (just in case you get hit by a bus), but that's not a reason to 
fail the review IMO.

You did not use the SlicerMode interface provided by libpala. This is okay 
because I added these only one week ago. I have now ported the Goldberg slicer 
to use modes (r1148763).

> It is to become the new default Slicer plugin for the game Palapeli.
> [...]
> The intended target of the module is trunk/KDE/kdegames/palapeli/slicers.
> The matter is coordinated with Stefan Majewski, the maintainer of Palapeli

To reflect the target status as the default slicer plugin, and in order to 
dejargonize the name (i.e. nobody knows what Goldberg means), I have renamed 
the slicer from "Goldberg" to "Palapeli Slicer Collection (formerly known as 
Goldberg slicer)" (r1148770). I hope that's okay for you.

So if no further objections arise, I will integrate the Goldberg slicer into 
Palapeli's source tree by next Wednesday.


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