Crashes on closing applications

Rolf Eike Beer kde at
Sun Jul 11 10:48:38 BST 2010

Housto^WTamper^W k-c-d, we have a problem.

These are two bug reports of totally different applications crashing on 
shutdown. One could argue that lokalize isn't that important to normal users, 
but dolphin is and it's crashing basically all the time on close.

This also sounds very familiar to me, there are similar reports on google like
doing-a-stdstring-assign that have nothing to do with KDE at all. We also see 
crashes on our companies applications under some circumstances that look like 

So this smells to me like a compiler bug where some optimization is messed up 
or something. But at the end it makes KDE crash so we (or Peter in that case) 
will get tons and tons of this reports and everyone will keep telling "KDE 
always crashes".

So in case you have anyone around that has knowledge of g++ or assembly 
language could please have a deep look at this and tell us why "delete 0" goes 
wrong here? Bonus points for providing a fix in-time for 4.5.0 or getting the 
g++ folks fix those up.


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