Review Request: Allow Middle click paste onto page does not use default web shortcut (bug# 243942)

Dawit Alemayehu adawit at
Sat Jul 10 07:37:45 BST 2010

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Review request for kdelibs.


The attached patch addresses the issue reported by the bug # given above. The changes make the following possible with the the code that handles MMB paste of clipboard content:

#1. If the pasted content is not a valid URL, use the default search engine, if configured, to search for the pasted content.
#2. Properly handle cases where the clipboard's content would not be considered valid URL, e.g. "".
#3. Limit the amount of text we process to 256 as a precaution.

This addresses bug 243942.


  branches/KDE/4.5/kdelibs/kdewebkit/kwebview_p.h 1148199 





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