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Michael Pyne mpyne at
Sun Jan 31 18:59:43 GMT 2010

On Sunday 31 January 2010 13:45:14 Michael Jansen wrote:
> On Sunday 31 January 2010 19:06:37 Aaron J. Seigo wrote:
> > KGlobalShortcutInfo already provides this. however, KGlobalAccel doesn't
> > seem to offer any "query by name" methods. it only allows (from what i
> > can see?) getting the shortcut info for a given accel sequence or
> > listing known entries by name ... so it does seem than KGlobalAccel is
> > missing something like a KGlobalShortcutInfo
> > getGlobalShorcutByName(const QString &module, const QString &name)
> > 
> > (and no, i don't know why it uses "get" in the method names :)
> You seem to have a lot of fun to bash everything global shortcuts related.
> Why not make a blog post titled "10 things i hate about kde's global
> shortcut implementation" and reference that whenever you have the urge to
> once again show your disapproval?
> The part about you picking apart it's api is the one thing i really want to
> see because i will admit openly that i do not have much experience
> designing apis generally and kde specific. So i always look for valuable
> input (No sarcasm) to learn.

Taking the "no sarcasm" on face value, how is Aaron supposed to provide you 
API feedback in a way that does not unduly "bash everything global shortcuts 
related", if this was not it?

That way the rest of us when performing API and code review will ensure that 
we know exactly how we may properly point out issues without warranting a blog 
post to reference.

 - Michael Pyne
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