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Alain Portal alain.portal at
Sun Jan 31 01:35:30 GMT 2010

Le dimanche 31 janvier 2010 00:50:07, Albert Astals Cid a écrit :
> > ONE idea, and no help.
> What did you expect?

A discussion...
Only a discussion...

> that developers find your particular problem to be
>  their number one priority,

This isn't MY particular problem, this is just A « problem » I found.

>  stop doing everything they were doing and fix
>  it? It seems probably noone thinks the problem is as serious as you think
>  it is (not saying who is right)

You perhaps right, I just waited... a discussion and I still can't get it.

> > > So what's the problem?  We assume when someone posts
> > > a question like yours to this mailing list that you are also
> > > volunteering to do the work.  So just Do it, then post
> > > your patch on
> >
> > Are you serious?
> > I'm a translator, not a developer...
> > I first posted this « problem » on the french translation list.
> > I was told « Post on kde-18n-doc ».
> > So, a new subscription needed...
> > I subcribed and posted on kde-18n-doc list, where Albert said « For
> > policy discussion kde-core-devel is preferred ».
> > So, a new subscription needed... :-(
> > I subcribed and posted and I was told I need to be a developper????
> Again the problem is no developer seems to care about it enough to fix it,

J'ai rien compris....
<mode language="en">I didn't understand what you say</mode>

>  so the remaining options are:
>  a) You fix it yourself (what Allen is suggesting)

That's what I said:
<mode language="fr">Tu me prends pour un con en plus...</mode>

>  b) You convince someone to fix it

See below...

>  c) It stays like it is

Sure! You're right!!!
Sorry if I wake up you...
Be quiet, I won't do it again...

> Sorry if you think this is a "crude" answer but reality this is.

Et ma réponse, t'en penses quoi ?
Elle est crue ?
Ou saignante ?
Ou à point ?
Les pages de manuel Linux en français
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