Review Request: Add "Open With" actions to KFileDialog context menu [via KDirOperator]

Markus kamikazow at
Fri Jan 29 12:51:27 GMT 2010

Am Freitag 29 Januar 2010 00:31:41 schrieb Aaron Seigo:
> what exactly are the use cases for this? right now, i don't see
> any.

One (but not the only one) use case I encounter very frequently is the 
I want to upload a photo to a website (eg Facebook) and then see in the 
preview sidebar, that need to retouch it first -- cropping, making it sharper, 
Instead of simply right-clicking it, I need to open Dolphin, navigate to that 
folder, then opening the image, then saving it, then closing Krita and Dolphin 
and only then be able to open the image.

On top of that, IMHO the context menus should be consistent between Dolphin 
and KFileDialog.


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