Sun Raster support

Albert Astals Cid aacid at
Fri Jan 29 05:03:02 GMT 2010

A Divendres, 29 de gener de 2010, vàreu escriure:
> Heya,
> On 28 January 2010 15:19, Albert Astals Cid <aacid at> wrote:
> > A Dijous, 28 de gener de 2010, Troy Unrau va escriure:
> >> Hi guys,
> >>
> >> I just pushed my first commit into kdelibs, a rather innocent one at
> >> that. In the kimgio directory you'll find support for a new format,
> >> Sun Raster format. I pushed the files there, but haven't touch
> >> CMakeLists.txt yet because I'd like a few people to beat up on it.
> >> Attached are some test images. If folks are happy, let me know, and I
> >> or someone can add it to the build.
> >>
> >> Feedback is certainly welcome.
> >
> > My feedback is that you skipped the kdereview stage of the process.
> Is there a doc or something online about this process. I haven't
> committed any real code since pre-4.0 (mostly been doing that
> marketing shtick), and I'm not fully sure of all the current
> processes. If no docs exist, can you let me know what I did wrong
> here? I'll blog about it so that other people don't repeat my mistakes

Basically i think the short rule is "no new program/plugin/applet should land 
trunk without being in kdereview" (or some other branch where it got peer 

> :)
> :
> > Besides that, you should not be using setPixel as it's slow, use
> > scanLines for better performance.
> >
> > Also it seems to me you should return false in LoadRAS if none of the ifs
> > matched?
> I'll poke at this on the weekend to see if I can improve it. I tried
> loading some files that were on the order of 24MB, and on my system it
> was less than a second - I guess it was fast enough that I didn't
> think there was a yet speedier way :)

Well, the thing is that doing H*W calls to setPixel is expensive just by the 
fact of pushing and poping things from the stack, using scanLines you only do 
H calls so it can get significantly faster.


> Cheers

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