[KDE Usability] Close button: reaaly close or go to system tray?

Chani chanika at gmail.com
Thu Jan 28 08:31:25 GMT 2010

> > 
> > ignoring ctrl-f12 (dashboard), this is really a moot point.
> I just tried, that does nothing here :P Anyway, I just wanted to raise my
> concern as somebody who totally ignores plasma(oids) as much as he can :)
> I couldn't quite follow the following paragraphs, but it sounds like I'm
> not going to be left behind with my way of working.

nothing? then your global shortcuts might be broken. for everyone else it 
pulls up the dashboard - instant access to the widgets on your desktop. which 
you don't have. :)

anyways, so long as you still have a systray to go with your clock you'll be 
fine. :) 

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