KDE SC 4.4 RC 3

Tom Albers toma at kde.org
Tue Jan 26 17:40:04 GMT 2010


The release team has decided to insert an additional Release Candidate before the final 4.4.0. This release candidate will be tagged next thursday (28th) and will be released as soon as the tarballs are confirmed to be ok, ideally the same day. 

The extra RC is added due to the struggle we had with the RC2 tarballs. We want to make sure everything is ok now, so the 4.4.0 release will not be delayed by similar issues. Please double check all your commits into the 4.4 branch, to make sure they are safe, compile and do not cause trouble for the kde-bindings people or other platforms than the one you are on.

The tagging of 4.4.0 is not delayed due to this extra RC and is still planned for feb 3rd, with the release on Feb 9th.


KDE Developer

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