[KDE Usability] Close button: reaaly close or go to system tray?

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> > My perception has been the sys tray is for server/client apps. Whether a
> > server/client consists of two distinct apps, or one divided into two parts,
> > is irrelevant to the user because the user appears to invoke and close the
> > client 'app', while the server 'app' continues running.
> >
> > The quit/close is therefore consistent when viewed from a server/client
> > perspective, but not as stand-alone app.
> >
> > For example, we don't expect closing our client browser will also close the
> > site server we're connected to. Similarly, closing amarok's 'client' should
> > not close its 'server' in the sys tray. Imho, the problem is assuming we're
> > only dealing with one app, rather than two.
> >
> If the user were to open two applications (i.e., click on two icons)
> then I would accept that arguement. Seeing how the user clicks a
> single Amarok icon, I disagree.
I think this isue transcends the close button thing. At camp KDE a few ppl discussed this: there is a category of applications, currently often 'closing' to the systray, which is indeed more service lik than other apps. A word processor or a webbrowser is supposed to be there while you work with it and go when you no longer need it. However, music players, chat applications and more (often social media stuff) is different: they need to stay available in the background. The systray is a poor place for such applications/services and another solution must be found for this.
For example, creating a special service plasmoid area; making these apps split back- and frontend and upon closing keep only the backend running; or have a kded or plasma dataengine or so take the place of the app's functionality. Compare having the 'news' plasma applet, and whenever you want more info you click the 'full app' button on the applet (new in plasma 4.4).
Anyway. We won't sove it in this thread but i hope some developers interested in this issue will start thinking and experimenting. And you usability ppl might have iedeas too.

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