Review Request: Make brightness Fn keys work and add an OSD

Ozan Çağlayan ozan at
Sun Jan 24 09:22:48 GMT 2010

Felix Geyer wrote:

> Currently the brightness Fn keys don't work on KDE when they aren't handled by the hardware/kernel(?).
> This patch detects if that's the case by comparing a cached brightness value with the current brightness.
> If they are the same the Fn keys aren't handled by the hardware, so PowerDevil adjusts the brightness accordingly.
> To achieve this Solid sends PowerDevil a dbus message on every brightness change (notifyOfBrightnessChange(int brightness)).
> PowerDevil itself provides the dbus signal brightnessChanged(int brightness, bool byFnKey) which the battery applet connects to.
> The battery applet only displays an OSD (code copied from KMix) if the brightness change originated from an Fn key press.
> This depends on review request #1950 "Add new X11 Qt keys to KKeyServer":

What's the situation with this? Is it ever reviewed/applied to trunk?

The OSD experience provided by KDE isn't eye-candy at all compared to the whole KDE4. KMix uses progress bars to show OSD, and currently
PowerDevil doesn't show them at all (I don't know the situation in 4.4 and trunk)

There's a very very nice project called KOSD which I think should be integrated into KDE:
 - It provides centralized OSD rendering through D-Bus. You can pass (icon, text, progress) values that you want to show,
 - It uses native plasma theme. You can configure the X,Y position and transparency through its settings,
 - It's very eye-candy as it integrates very well with the plasma.

Here's the link, you can view some screenshots of it:

Pardus Linux uses KOSD by default, we patched KMix to send OSD notifications over D-Bus by calling KOSD methods.


Ozan Caglayan

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