ANNOUNCE: Akonadi-Ports Merge Tomorrow (18 Jan 2010)

Allen Winter winter at
Sun Jan 17 21:42:47 GMT 2010


Starting tomorrow Monday 18 Jan 2010, the KDE-PIM folks will begin merging
the akonadi-ports work branch into trunk kdepim.  This is an extremely
exciting and anxious time for us on the KDE-PIM team, and will finally
bring the promise of our Akonadi technology to KMail, KOrganizer
and elsewhere throughout KDE 4.5 and beyond.

Please be aware of the following:
1) Building trunk/kdepim might be a little painful for the next couple days.
Please see us on IRC in #akonadi if you experience build problems.

2) Expect a rough few days or even weeks to smooth out the data migration.
We advise using 4.4 kdepim for awhile unless you like being on the bleeding-edge.

3) We are unaware of any data-loss problems so far, but there are no guarantees.
However, currently migration will lose your meta-data (tags, flags on local/online imap mails, etc).  
*Please, Please stay away from kdepim trunk for your production use*

4) backing-up your data is never a bad idea.

Allen, KDEPIM Module Coordinator

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