KDE 4.3.5 scheduled

Esben Mose Hansen kde at mosehansen.dk
Sat Jan 16 15:04:52 GMT 2010

On Saturday 16 January 2010 13:19:46 Dirk Mueller wrote:
> Hi,
> the KDE release team (release-team@) reevaluated the state of the KDE 4.3
> branch and decided to release 4.3.5. This will be the final KDE 4.3 release
> unless notified otherwise.
> These are the scheduled dates :
>  January 21st, 2010: Tag KDE 4.3.5
>  January 28th, 2010: Release KDE 4.3.5
> Please make sure to backport relevant and safe changes to the branch now.

So.. since I so seldom backport. Is this what I should do (pieced together 
from techbase and IRC)?

1. identify the changeset(s) in the 4.4 branch
2. backport by using svn merge -c changesetno 4.4-url . followed by a commit 
using an exact copy of the commit message from the 4.4 checkin?

If so, won't that give bogus bugzilla updates if a commit message contains a 
"BUG: xxxxxx" ?

(Normally I don't bother, but there are some bugfixes to Klipper that are 
needed badly)

Kind regards, Esben

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