Capslock warning on password fields

Charly Ghislain charlyghislain at
Fri Jan 15 02:18:12 GMT 2010

Hi all,

I'm getting my hands into KDE and started to issue the 5-years old bug #91970. 
The bug is about the lack of capslock warning in the kpassworddialog.

However, I thought it could be interesting to have a kpasswordlineedit with 
this feature and which could be used in the kpassworddialog, 
knewpassowrddialog and everywhere else. Currently, some other apps like kdm 
(which check capslock state through x11)  implemented this feature and are not 
using kpassworddialog.

Apparently, applications are intended to use kpassworddialog whenever a 
password is requiered, but it might not fit in every context. For instance, i 
don't expect my email client to popup a new dialog for my password while i was 
editing all the other account-related infomations in another window.
I would like to ear why using the kpassworddialog should be the preferred way 
over using a klineedit or, maybe, a kpasswordlineedit. I mean why a dialog?

Since the password field is a klineedit, I also thought of adding this feature 
to klineedit. It would have made the benefits available everywhere at no cost 
at all. While I thought it was a bit ugly to overload the klineedit, a 
lightwight label or icon somewhere in the lineedit like the clear button could 
be very eye-candy.

Anyway I would like to hear your opinion to know if I should implement this in 
kpassworddialog, kpasswordlineedit or klineedit.

Thank you,



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