KDE 4.4 Qt version

Andreas Pakulat apaku at gmx.de
Wed Jan 13 19:09:27 GMT 2010

On 13.01.10 19:57:13, Alexander Neundorf wrote:
> On Wednesday 13 January 2010, Thiago Macieira wrote:
> > Em Quarta-feira 13 Janeiro 2010, às 18:56:12, Alexander Neundorf escreveu:
> > > On Tuesday 12 January 2010, Matt Rogers wrote:
> > > > I do that all the time, since I tend to follow the 4.6 branch in git.
> > >
> > > And that branch has also version 4.6.0 ?
> >
> > Used to. That branch now contains Qt 4.6.2, since last week. Between mid-
> > November and last week, it was Qt 4.6.1. Though the version number change
> > hasn't happened yet, it will happen by the end of next week.
> Hmm, so if it was 4.6.1 until recently then I don't understand Matt's 
> argument.
> I think in most cases, if somebody builds against 4.6.0, he will also try to 
> run against this version.

If someone tracks Qt branch he probably doesn't want to rebuild KDE just
because he updates Qt. Thats one of the reasons for having BC in the
first place. If most people would always run the exact same version of a
library they built and app against then all we'd do is recompiling all
day long.

> Later on he may try to run against a later version, 
> but I guess, also distros, that they use the Qt for building which they 
> intend to run against.

AFAIK: No. Distro's build kde when kde is being updated, but not if Qt
is updated. So Distro's build KDE 4.4.0 against Qt 4.6.x (x>0 probably)
but at some later point they'll be rebuilding Qt only and ship that to
the users.

I personally often update kdelibs, but much more seldomly update the
other modules from trunk. So I often compile kdebase against kdelibs
4.x.y and later run it against 4.a.b (a>=x,b>=y).


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