[PATCH] devicenotifier and dolphin interactive problem

Peter Penz peter.penz at gmx.at
Tue Jan 12 09:32:48 GMT 2010

On Tuesday 12 January 2010 04:55:22 sonald wrote:
> >> Now on the KFilePlacesModel patch, I think I need some more
> >> information on
> >> your approach. I somehow doubt that a new accessibilityChanged()
> >> signal is
> >> needed there, as the intent was to have dataChanged() cover that (it's
> >> supposed to be emitted when the accessibility of the device indeed
> >> changes).
> >> In turn that'd mean that on the Dolphin side connecting to
> >> dataChanged() would
> >> be enough as well.
> >>
> >> Regards.
> >
> > I don't know if I understood correctly. dataChanged only affects
> > KFilePlacesView and there is no way
> > for an client like dolphin to know it. I see that only connection
> > between dolphin and PlacesPanel is the
> > urlChanged signal. I believe that's not enough to solve the problems I
> > mentioned in the patch, cause I
> > need to know the url and state(removed/mounted) to do the right thing.
> > maybe it's not so good as to
> > the final solution.
> >
> > Regards.
> >
> > Sian
> Any other ideas about the patch? if not , I think I'll commit the fix
> and merge it into 4.4 branch, and then more tests and comments are
>  welcomed.

I wanted to wait on the outcome of your KFilePlaces discussion with Kevin 
before commenting on the Dolphin patch.

First: thanks for providing a patch for Dolphin :-) But please don't commit 
the Dolphin patch for 4.4, as I've some concerns about it:

- It is not common for Dolphin to change the URL to the home URL automatically 
when an URL gets inaccessible. The default behavior is that the URL stays, but 
the content disappears.

- Like Kevin I'm also not sure whether a new signal is needed. It is no 
problem for Dolphin to connect to the dataChanged() signal. The bool-flag 
whether the URL has been removed or not is not required. If needed this can 
checked on client side too, but is not needed in the case of Dolphin (just 
reloading would be OK).

I could reproduce the problem you mention and agree that it should fixed, but 
I'm quite confident that it should be possible without introducing a 
updatePlaceContent() method in DolphinMainWindow... BTW: the same issue would 
occur in the file-open dialog. So I'd be happy if this could be solved by 
connecting e. g. a dataChanged() signal with a kind of reload().

Again I'd like to wait for Kevin's response to KFilePlaces before 
investigating further into Dolphin. Please don't commit the patch before a 
final OK from Kevin.

Thanks and best regards,

> Regards.
> Sian Cao

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