[PATCH] devicenotifier and dolphin interactive problem

sonald sycao at redflag-linux.com
Tue Jan 12 03:55:22 GMT 2010

On 2010/01/07 15:59, sonald wrote:
>> First a general comment on your patches: Be careful with their 
>> formatting,
>> there's a couple of places where you mix tabs and spaces for their 
>> indenting
>> while you probably wanted to use only spaces.
> en, sorry for that. I just changed my emacs setting and convert all 
> tabs to spaces.
>> That was rather on the nitpick level, now let's move on a more 
>> fundamental
>> level.
>> I can't really comment on the Dolphin's patch, that'd be more Peter's 
>> role.
>> Now on the KFilePlacesModel patch, I think I need some more 
>> information on
>> your approach. I somehow doubt that a new accessibilityChanged() 
>> signal is
>> needed there, as the intent was to have dataChanged() cover that (it's
>> supposed to be emitted when the accessibility of the device indeed 
>> changes).
>> In turn that'd mean that on the Dolphin side connecting to 
>> dataChanged() would
>> be enough as well.
>> Regards.
> I don't know if I understood correctly. dataChanged only affects 
> KFilePlacesView and there is no way
> for an client like dolphin to know it. I see that only connection 
> between dolphin and PlacesPanel is the
> urlChanged signal. I believe that's not enough to solve the problems I 
> mentioned in the patch, cause I
> need to know the url and state(removed/mounted) to do the right thing. 
> maybe it's not so good as to
> the final solution.
> Regards.
> Sian
Any other ideas about the patch? if not , I think I'll commit the fix 
and merge it into 4.4 branch, and then more tests and comments are welcomed.


Sian Cao

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