backport policy

Hugo Pereira Da Costa hugo at
Mon Jan 11 02:23:59 GMT 2010


I have a question on backport policy in kde.

I just committed:

hpereiradacosta * r1072813 
Set SH_ItemView_ArrowKeysNavigateIntoChildren to true in styleHints to 
intuitive arrow navigation in treeViews, in a way similar to what's done 
for the
Windows style.
CCBUG: 160024

That addresses a wishlist (Bug 160024) primarily on Dolphin, but part of 
which being an issue in oxygen in fact.
The fix is really tiny (three lines of code added). But it doesn't 
really fix a bug (the original behavior being ok too), nor a crash.

Should it be backported to kde4.4 branch or not ?

Thanks in advance,


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