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Shaun Reich predator106 at
Sun Jan 10 06:17:46 GMT 2010

On Sat, Jan 9, 2010 at 8:31 PM, todd rme <toddrme2178 at> wrote:
> I have a few things I would like to try to implement for dolphin, but
> I before I get started I want to check to see whether people think
> they are good ideas or not. They are (in no particular order):
> Drag and drop support for the tab bar.  Currently dropping files on a
> tab does nothing, which is inconsistent behavior.  The breadcrumb bar,
> places panel, folders panel, and folders all bring up the "copy, move,
> link" menu when you drop something on them, which is what I want to
> have the tab bar do as well.
> "+" button on groups (when groups are visible).  This would behave the
> same as the + button on files and folders, allowing you to easily
> select and de-select whole groups.
> File count for groups.  This would just be a bit of text next to the
> group name saying how many files are present in the group.
> If there is no currently-selected file, and you are hovering over a
> file, pressing "F2" will let you rename the file.
> If you select multiple files of different types, then right-click it
> will have an "open with default applications" or something like that,
> and all the files will then be opened with their own default
> application.
> And maybe an actions panel, which show the "actions" right-click menu
> in a dockable panel for easier access and improved visibility.
> I would like some feedback on which these ideas (if any) people think
> are good and should be implemented or if there are any suggestions.  I
> can't guarantee that I will be able to implement any of these, but I
> will at least try if people think they are worthwhile.
> -Todd

I suppose that you would be better off if you post all of these on and receive feedback for them; I think not every
user moniitors kde-core-devel ;-)

KDE Developer,
Shaun Reich

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