kmix PulseAudio support

Christian Esken esken at
Sat Jan 9 22:47:20 GMT 2010

Am Donnerstag, 7. Januar 2010 11:24:58 schrieb Colin Guthrie:
> 'Twas brillig, and Christian Esken at 06/01/10 19:09 did gyre and gimble:
> > You guys get me quite confused in this mail thread. Please do not say "it
> > is bad" or "lets change things" without indicating what you mean.
> Just as a small example regarding the mixer widgets:
> They have until now been used to represent hardware. I'm now using the
> represent applications and as such I'd like to display a bit more
> information and implement a few extra features.
> I'd like to show that application X is currently using device Y. e.g.
> I'd like to see whether Amarok is using my USB Speakers or my Bluetooth
> Headset and ultimately show some way of changing this... (I originally
> did not intend to allow any moving of apps to different devices via kmix
> - leaving that job to the categories in the Phonon settings - but the
> number of comments on my blog saying "Please consider adding stream
> moving support" makes me rethink this!)

I agree. It sounds reasonable from the users perspective. Is this alread 
doable right now (are there interfaces from the apps like amarok?!?)?

Colin, will you attend the MM meeting? I would be very worth discussing these 
things. Hammering out the details might be very difficult on a ML.

> All I'd really need to do is show a (probably vertical) hyperlink next
> to the slider which could pop up a window to allow me to pick another
> device. The fact that the tabs basically limit to showing sliders and
> enums means I can't easily achieve this right now.

Kmix's infrastructure should be able to easily do it. For example there are 
switches implemented, and I can easily implement more 
MixDeviceWidget types - for example I have thought about a "Capture selector". 

> This is an example of the kind of capability I'd like to add but the
> fixed UI code is preventing me from easily achieving (unless I've missed
> something obvious!!)

Depending on what we actually need, adding a (optional) hyperlink to the 
current slider class (or doing a different MixDeviceWidget subclass) can be 
done. it sounds like a trivial extension.


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