[PATCH] Removing KDESu::SshProcess (was: Re: Request for deprecation of KDESu::SshProcess and removal of kdesu_stub/kdessh)

Alex Merry kde at randomguy3.me.uk
Sun Jan 3 19:00:13 GMT 2010

On Sunday 03 January 2010 17:35:11 Friedrich W. H. Kossebau wrote:
> Attached patch now removes the class KDESu::SshProcess from kdelibs, as
> well as its usage in kdesud. In kdesud it was used to execute commands on
> remote hosts, which should not have worked, either (unless connecting to
> KDE3 machines, did someone?). Is it okay to remove these symbols? Or does
> anyone really expect people to run older kdebase/runtime against newer
> kdelibs? Other users are not expected as, well, it did not work.
> Or would it be better to just deprecate KDESu::SshProcess and hope for
> someone to fix it with the current API? But I very much question the
> approach taken by it (just see what kind of data it sets via kdesu_stub,
> e.g. setting PATH for root on the remote, without any knowledge of the
> system, huh?).

Well, if you remove a symbol, you risk an application not running at all due 
to linking errors.  My personal preference would be to deprecate the methods, 
clear out their implementations (beyond perhaps a dummy return value) and 
remove all documentation beyond "@deprecated: this method will have no effect.  
Do not use it." in the methods and change the class documentation to note that 
it never worked and point to this thread on the k-c-d archives.


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