synaptiks – KDE touchpad management

Martin T. Sandsmark martin.sandsmark at
Thu Feb 25 14:00:16 GMT 2010

On Thursday 25. February 2010 12.52.01 Markus wrote:
> Half year later Sebastian introduced a new version that's now a KCM without
> any evidence that he even tried to collaborate with Mishaaq (kcm_touchpad
> author).
> Being part of KDE SC means that any KDE member is allowed to modify
> synaptiks' source code directly in SVN/GIT. Does this mean, he will -- for
> example -- revert all modifications by others and/or ignore any input from
> KDE's Usability team, because "he knows better"?

I think you jump to conclusions too quickly.
Just because he hasn't posted every possibly communication with other authors 
publically doesn't mean he's an antisocial hermit out to make everyone 
miserable by refusing anyone else to help on his code. :-D

And from looking at the code of both apps, I think I understand why 
"collaborating" with the kcm_touchpad author wouldn't make sense.

Back on topic; the only problem I have with Synaptik is that the build system 
isn't optimal (doesn't work with out-of-source builds, for example).

Martin T. Sandsmark
Phonon Maintainer

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