synaptiks – KDE touchpad management

Markus kamikazow at
Thu Feb 25 11:52:01 GMT 2010


As much as I like to have a touchpad config tool right inside KDE SC, I see 
some problems with Sebastian's attitude on collaboration.

Last year he introduced Synapiks in a German Ubuntu forum:
That time it wasn't a System Settings module, but a tray application.
I suggested that to him that he should collaborate with the author of 
kcm_touchpad to integrate the functionality that requires Sebastian's deamon 
into it.
Half year later Sebastian introduced a new version that's now a KCM without 
any evidence that he even tried to collaborate with Mishaaq (kcm_touchpad 
Being part of KDE SC means that any KDE member is allowed to modify synaptiks' 
source code directly in SVN/GIT. Does this mean, he will -- for example -- 
revert all modifications by others and/or ignore any input from KDE's 
Usability team, because "he knows better"?

Maybe I'm just overly sensitive here. I certainly don't want to exclude 
anybody or anything from KDE. Maybe it's all a misunderstanding.
I'm just honestly puzzled whether Sebastian is aware of all consequences of 
being KDE.

Any BTW, kcm_touchpad has a better rating than synaptiks on
I never compared those two (except looking at screenshots), but it seems to me 
that kcm_touchpad is more advanced when it comes to scrolling options.
If the screenshots on are not outdated, it seems more logical to 
be to merge Mishaaq's KCM with Sebastian's deamon to get the best of both 


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