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Frank Karlitschek karlitschek at
Sat Feb 20 14:43:57 GMT 2010

hi friends,

I have a nice history of starting flame wars. So to keep my reputation I'm 
proposing my next controversial thing.

I propose to move rekonq to kdebase and make it the default browser
for KDE SC 4.5
konqueror should stay in kdebase for users who like it and want to use it.
Thats more or less the same strategy we followed when we made dolpin the 
default file manager.

rekonq has 2 advantages over konqueror:

1. userinterface
the GUI of rekonq is more optimized for webbrowsing. it is simpler and more to 
the point of using the web. But also has advanced features like the speed dial 
or previews for tabs. I think it has a better GUI for most users compared with 

2. rendering engine
rekonq is using webkit which renders modern websites better than khtml. webkit 
is moving forward really fast at the moment. It is in fact the leading 
rendering engine if you look at HTML5 compliance or speed. We should benefit 
from that. 

rekonq is nicely integrated in KDE. Examples are kwallet and konqueror 

I think KDE SC really needs a state of the art webbrowser. It is embarrassing 
that a lot of distributions ship firefox as default nowadays. The rekonq 
developers are really active and the development speed is totally impressive 
IMHO. I think there are still features missing but Rekonq is already better 
than konqueror IMHO.

So rekonq is a better browser for 80% of our users and should be default 

What do you think?


Frank Karlitschek
karlitschek at

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