Cleanup KDE Admin Module

Nicolas Ternisien nicolas.ternisien at
Thu Feb 18 22:56:54 GMT 2010

>> >
> From an i18n pov there is no problem with that. It is more the other way
> round, translators usually work only with po files provided by scripty. They
> are no devels and in this case simply don't recognize that they possibly are
> wasting their rare time translationg stuff which is never build or used.
> So from my pov (doc + translation) kill everything in branch, what is excluded
> from build or outdated.
> And from a quality pov I'd prefer to ship only apps in branch tarballs, which
> are used, up to date and maintained and not excluded from build.
> --
> Burkhard Lück

Ok, it sounds good for me. I've just make the removal of the 3 apps
(and docs) in the branches/KDE/4.4/kdeadmin/ branch. If translations
could be removed as well, it would be perfect.



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