FindQt4 macro to support one of the feature from Qt master (QML).

R.F. Pels ruurd at
Tue Feb 16 21:27:28 GMT 2010

> > Oooh I'm desparately waiting for that to be usable in KDE... Any
> > estimate on when this appears in factory...
> When what appears? Declarative? 

When a usable Declarative appears in the Qt version in use by KDE. On 
OpenSUSE 11.2. Preferably (I'm selfish!!!)

> There have been several pre-releases already.

Have been fighting with them but further than  

> Qt 4.7? The branch has existed since late September.

OK. What's needed to integrate it in KDE? I'm looking for a way to be 
able to use QML or at least hack on it from a working KDE and I'm not 
afraid of a bit of experimenting.


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