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Markus kamikazow at
Sat Feb 13 14:50:18 GMT 2010

Am Samstag 13 Februar 2010 15:44:56 schrieb hugo at
>    Hello,
>    with kde4.4 being out there are and will be more and more requests
> to add an option in oxygen decoration config to disable animations.
>    An hidden option exists to do this (in oxygenrc file) but there is
> none in the configuration GUI. This is an important missing option
> (that we totally overlooked in the development cycle of oxygen deco),
> and one has been added in trunk.

Don't know what you are talking about. Such an option exists in 4.4. It wasn't 
overlooked at all. It was even debated on kde-usability how fine-grained that 
option should be.


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