KSharedConfig inter-process change notification?

Andriy Rysin arysin at gmail.com
Sun Feb 14 04:16:51 GMT 2010

Hi all

I am currently rewriting kxkb into kded daemon, plasma applet and a reusable
widget and have a question on config change notification. Seems like usually
we have to send dbus message. But if I have several components (kded daemon,
plasmoid etc) which need to know about config change made in KCModule it'll
will have to know about all of them to send the message out.

Seems like the nicer way would be to allow interested parties to connect to
some signal (e.g. "configChanged") in KSharedConfig and when sync is made
send this signal out. Different engines could be used for that: internal KDE
IPC messaging or even fam. Then the module which changes config should not
care of the consumers and consumers would not have to expose "reloadConfig"
or "restart" method.

Is there something around or sending the dbus message from the modifier is
the only way?

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