Review Request: SQLite version handling improvements (FindSqlite macro)

Andreas Schneider mail at
Wed Feb 10 14:42:51 GMT 2010

On Sunday 31 January 2010 00:54:24 Jaroslaw Staniek wrote:
> Review request for kdelibs and Alexander Neundorf.

> Summary
> -------
> The feature set differs from version to version in case of SQLite.
> Distributions do not allow to install many versions of SQLite
> side-by-side, so applications that use SQLite without embedding its source
> code need to carefully check for features available. Otherwise, for
> example, the files modified with SQLite can loose silently backward
> compatibility. To make the version tracking easier, two input variables
> are used:
> *  SQLITE_MIN_VERSION - e.g. "3.6.16", if defined, older SQLite versions
> will not be accepted *  SQLITE_RECOMMENDED_VERSION - "3.6.22", if defined,
> warning will be displayed for older SQLite versions
> This way, checks can be performed earlier - at configure stage.
> In addition, version checking is independent of pkg-config tool, so it
> works on MS Windows in the same way as on Unices.

I didn't see the mail earlier. I've added VERSION check earlier in an easier 
way and that it conforms to the CMake standard to check for versions. Please 
take a look at

and check the CMake documentation for more details.

	-- andreas

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