Review Request: SQLite version handling improvements (FindSqlite macro)

Sune Vuorela nospam at
Sun Feb 7 23:10:12 GMT 2010

On 2010-02-05, Jaroslaw Staniek <staniek at> wrote:
>> On 2010-02-05 18:38:49, Alexander Neundorf wrote:
>> > I object to adding a _MIN_VERSION variable.
>> > Since CMake 2.6 find_package() supports specifying the required version, we should use this instead.
>> > So you can do e.g.
>> > find_package(Foo 1.2.3)
>> > 
>> > and inside the find-module the variables Foo_FIND_VERSION (the whole specified version string) Foo_FIND_VERSION_(MAJOR|MINOR|PATCH)  (the three components, if not all components are specified the ones which were left away default to "0") can be tested, e.g. using if( ${Foo_FIND_VERSION} VERSIONGREATER ...) etc.
>> > 
>> > This is done e.g. in FindQt4.cmake, FindKDE4Internal.cmake and FindEigen2.cmake in kdelibs.
>> > 
>> > Alex
>> >
> Alex, thanks for the review!
> I agree with the comment. Furthermore it's a bit weird that I moved out of using system SQLite - I plan to maybe blog about this: SQLite is not packgeable in general sense anymore. This is because there are many compile-time switches, so many not-fully compatible versions of SQLite can be found in particular distros. 
> While I think I have to fix the FindSqlite script, I won't use it. I am also thinking about having a copy of SQLite moved from Kexi into kdesupport, with sane build defaults. With lib name like libksqlite of course. Then something like FindKSqlite, far simpler, would be used within KDE.

Please don't.

The only thing you will do is annoy people and make all distributions
revert your embedded code copies.

Please. Pretty please. embedded code copies is bad. And no, Kexi is not

Thanks in advance


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