Cleanup KDE Admin Module

Nicolas Ternisien nicolas.ternisien at
Mon Feb 8 12:37:23 GMT 2010

Hi all!


KDE 4.4 has been released and I think it is now the perfect moment to
do some cleanup in KDE Admin. Indeed, some applications are really old
and seems to not be used anymore:

- kdat
- ksysv
- lilo-config

I would like to ask here if some people have comments about this move
(with docs of course, and I will probably ask for help for moving
translations). If not, I will move those 3 projects to
tags/unmaintained/4 in one week.


Some times ago, I would be interesting to import the KGRUBEditor
project into KDE Admin, but it still misses Grub2 support, so maybe,
after all, nothing would replace lilo-config for a while (even if the
target boot loader was not the same).

About ksysv, one of the guidance subproject (serviceconfig) could
nicely replace it, but I need to get some news about it. This is
actually true for userconfig as well (that could replace kuser - but
is not concerned by the cleanup so far), but I will ask some questions
before, unless someone here have some information ?

Thank you.

Nicolas Ternisien.
KDE Admin coordinator.
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