Review Request: Disable logout sound

Enrico Ros eros.kde at
Mon Feb 1 19:41:35 GMT 2010

On Sunday 31 January 2010 22:08:57 Aaron J. Seigo wrote:
> unless we count watching video or listening to music valid use cases ;) i
> do think there is a difference between audio notifications, which have
> other means to be presented (e.g. visually), and all sounds (which often
> -is- the use case).
> in any case, the log in / log out may be not particularly "useful" but some
> of them, such as "i am automatically going to sleep now" or "your battery
> is really low!" having audio cues is really useful because these
> situations happen often enough when the user isn't paying attention (esp
> visually) to their computer (esp the low battery case).
> for this reason, i think we need to do a case-by-case evaluation. the
> default decision could (should?) certainly be "no sound" with a valid use
> case for justifying its existent being required to change that into "has a
> sound on by default".

I agree and I'd like "no sound" for manual shutdowns and the audio 
notification for automatic ones.

On my notebook, it takes 3sec to shut down without audio and 10 with sound.

I mean: I'm telling the pc "I need you to shut down now", why does it have to 
play a blocking 6-seconds "la la la" jingle while I could be using that time 
to pack the notebook case?


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