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Mon Feb 1 19:22:23 GMT 2010

On Sun, Jan 31, 2010 at 10:23 PM, Chani <chanika at> wrote:

> +1 again.
> if we can't make a non-blocking sound, can we have a very short sound? :)
> on
> my computer it takes ages for all the apps to close themselves and save
> session stuff anyways.
> as for sound effects in general.. well...
> sound effects I need:
> -low battery
> -power plugged in/out
> -konsole bell
> sound effects I don't need but really like:
> -login/logout
> sound effects I don't care about:
> -switching desktops (is that even on any more?)
> sound effects I actively dislike:
> -there's a bell (and a notification) when I manually change the power
> profile,
> in order to tell me that I changed the power profile.
> --
> This message brought to you by eevil bananas and the number 3.

Yeah definitely, it would be nice if it could just play the sound async,
then do the session closing stuff. I agree..saving the session takes a very,
very long time to complete. In fact, that's the slowest part of my shutdown
process; after that finishes, the kernel only takes a few seconds to
shutdown. Then after you are sick of waiting, you wake up and find it is
still running, but with the kdm prompt asking if it should close all virtual
terminals, but I digress ;-)

KDE Developer,
Shaun Reich
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