KDEPIM 4.6 Delayed

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Fri Dec 17 19:02:51 GMT 2010

Howdy all,

Unfortunately, KDEPIM 4.6 will not be ready for KDE SC 4.6.0 as we had planned.
This affects lots of people; so that's why the large distribution.

For the Release Team: 
Please do NOT release a RC1 for kdepim4.6 or kdepim-runtime4.6.
Please remove kdepim and kdepim-runtime from all future KDE SC 4.6 releases.
I will take over releasing kdepim4.6 from here until further notice.

For the Packagers:
I will continue to make KDEPIM 4.4.x releases -- in fact, I will soon be 
releasing version 4.4.9 which will include important fixes to make it
work much better in combination with kdepimlibs 4.6.
Keep yours eyes open for that.

We intend to make sure kdepim-4.4 and kdepim-runtime-4.4 work well with kdepimlibs 4.6.

We also hope that your distros will provide betas and RC's I will be creating
for the eventual next KDEPIM release (hopefully called 4.6).

For the Git Transition Folks:
We will wait until KDEPIM 4.6 is released to make the SVN -> Git transition.
Torgny is in charge of that.

For the KDEPIM Team:
Let's keep working to make a KDEPIM 4.6 release in the near future.

For Everyone Else:
Feel free to jump in and help fix bugs and test kdepim.

KDEPIM Module Coordinator 
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