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on Wednesday 08 December 2010 03:06:08 Aaron J. Seigo wrote:

> On Monday, December 6, 2010, Thomas Baumgart wrote:
> > The plan is to move libalkimia to extragear/office/alkimia once approved
> some hopefully useful feedback:
> binary compat: there is not dptr, making keeping binary compatibility
> impossible if changes are desired. for shared libraries it is highly
> recommended (and required, if binary compatibility will be provided) to
>  have a dptr and to move all data members into it.
> inline methods: aside from the note about inline methods that Albert
>  already noted, it's an even worse idea to do this with constructors and
>  destructors as it severely limits what you can do with the class in
>  future. is this class needed to be extremely-high-performance? if so, have
>  you measured the benefits of the inlined methods versus non-inlined to
>  ensure the lack of flexibility is warranted by the performance gains in
>  those use cases?

Thanks for the comments.  Some more in-depth analysis showed that the gain was 
not as much as expected, so I moved the inline methods to the cpp file. Also 
added a dptr interface while thinking that the overhead involved is not 
significant. Changes checked-in.

> enumeration: RndDown, etc. why not RoundDown? makes it clear "rnd" doesn't
> mean "random" :)

Yep, that Rnd came a long way ... Anyway, changed to 'Round' in all cases.

Thanks also to Albert for his explanation.



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