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Wed Dec 8 02:06:08 GMT 2010

On Monday, December 6, 2010, Thomas Baumgart wrote:
> The plan is to move libalkimia to extragear/office/alkimia once approved

some hopefully useful feedback:

binary compat: there is not dptr, making keeping binary compatibility 
impossible if changes are desired. for shared libraries it is highly 
recommended (and required, if binary compatibility will be provided) to have a 
dptr and to move all data members into it.

inline methods: aside from the note about inline methods that Albert already 
noted, it's an even worse idea to do this with constructors and destructors as 
it severely limits what you can do with the class in future. is this class 
needed to be extremely-high-performance? if so, have you measured the benefits 
of the inlined methods versus non-inlined to ensure the lack of flexibility is 
warranted by the performance gains in those use cases?

enumeration: RndDown, etc. why not RoundDown? makes it clear "rnd" doesn't 
mean "random" :)

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