Review Request: ftp server URL throws "invalid protocol" - Bug: 209031

Mark markg85 at
Wed Aug 25 23:23:30 BST 2010

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Review request for Dolphin and kdelibs.


Read the bug report for the.. bug..

As for the fix. I had a hard time finding the right place to implement this since all was using const KUrl thus not editable... When searching deeper i ended up in making the fix in either KUrlNavigator or in KUrl itself. I decided to go for KUrlNavigator for no particular reason... I could just as well have tried it in KUrl. I hope this KUrlNavigator was the right place (either way, please do explain where is the right place and why the other one isn't the right place). 

This addresses bug 209031.


  /branches/KDE/4.5/kdelibs/kfile/kurlnavigator.cpp 1168024 



I did one simple tests on it:
typing "" in the url bar and pressing enter. It changed the url to "" and the ftp opened just perfectly. I browsed a bit on it to see if it stays working fins and it seems to do just that.



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