Removal of PolicyKit-KDE from kdebase/workspace

Dario Freddi drf54321 at
Tue Aug 17 12:30:55 BST 2010


I think it's time to move PolicyKit-KDE away from kdebase/workspace back to 
where it should belong, extragear/base. The usage of PolicyKit is nearing zero 
due to its replacement, polkit-1, and for this reason we're shipping by 
default support for a deprecated component (and we already have a polkit-kde-1 
package in extragear).

I'm not in favor of putting polkit-kde-1 into kdebase, because such a 
component might follow a different development path from the SC, and for this 
reason and due to its very delicate nature, I'd prefer to keep it as a 
separate package.

If no objections arise, I'll move PolicyKit-KDE to extragear/base and make a 
new release in a week.


Dario Freddi
KDE Developer
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