Move kppp away from kdenetwork

Nicolas Lécureuil nicolas.lecureuil at
Thu Aug 19 17:12:38 BST 2010

On Wednesday 18 August 2010 03:50:43 Aaron J. Seigo wrote:
> On Sunday, August 15, 2010, Eckhart Wörner wrote:
> > I want to open another "slaughtering old stuff" thread, this time it's
> > about kppp. :-)
> <imho>
> it's obvious kppp still has users, and likely a non-negligable absolute
> number of them. as a % of our total user base, it seems likely to be a
> pretty small global %. for some reagions, it will be a significant %.
> kppp is not getting much "love" in the form of development, but that  seems
> to be because it basically works for most everyone who wants to use it. so
> in this case, active devel is not likely to be a useful parameter to
> decide.
> so let's look at our downstreams for some guidance:
> * we know it doesn't work on FreeBSD.
> * it appears that OpenSuse doesn't install it by default. (at least, it
> isn't on my laptop, and i haven't removed packages...)
> * doesn't look like Kubuntu doesn't install it by default
> * it looks like Fedora's KDE Spin does install it by default
> not sure about others, e.g. Mandriva.


first, sorry for the late answer. 

In mandriva we have splitted kppp in 2 packages kppp and kppp-provider. We do 
no use kppp by default but we use the db for drakx-net.

Nicolas Lécureuil
Mandriva Linux

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