Password based svn accounts need to convert now, final warning.

Tom Albers toma at
Fri Aug 20 08:39:55 BST 2010

Dear developers, translators and contributors,

If you are using a password based svn account, you need to switch right
now to a ssh based svn account. If you do not do it, you will not be able
to use KDE svn starting from next Wednesday.

You can check if you are using a passwd based svn account by going to a
checkout you have on disk and doing a 'svn info'. If the listed 'URL'
starts with 'svn+ssh://', you are using a ssh based account already and you
do not have to do anything. If it starts with 'https://' you are using a
password based svn account and you *need* to switch *now*. We have had some
people that thought they were ok, but were not. Do this test to make sure
you are ok.

If you are using 'https://' and have not received an invitation from the
sysadmin team to switch, file a sysadmin bugreport at and we will help you with
the switch.

Tom Albers
KDE Sysadmin

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