Policy on KDE3 bugs?

John Layt johnlayt at googlemail.com
Thu Aug 12 00:40:15 BST 2010

Do we have a general policy or guidelines for dealing with KDE3 bugs?  It just 
feels to me like we still have a huge number of them open that are just so 
much noise I have to wade through when searching bko.

Some apps/modules look to have have cleaned theirs up, but other areas still 
have hundreds or even thousands of them open.  I know there was some 
reluctance in the past for fear of upsetting the vocal minority, but with 4.5 
now out the door surely enough time has passed to just do it?

I don't propose we bulk close them or waste time actively hunting them down, 
just a clear agreement that closing them is 'A Good Thing' and some general 
guidelines that can be used when we come across them while bug triaging.



P.S.  I'd be interested in KDE3 vs KDE4 numbers if anyone with bko-foo could 
provide them, but I doubt the version numbers are accurate enough.  Open date 
maybe or Last Update as a proxy?  In fact, any stats on current numbers would 
be nice.
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