virtuoso-t process going crazy

Andreas Pakulat apaku at
Wed Aug 11 23:54:56 BST 2010

On 11.08.10 21:53:58, Michael Jansen wrote:
> Hi
> Since some time it's nearly impossible to use kde without experiencing
> on of virtuoso sissy fits (as i call them) for me.
> For no apparent reason some actions triggers an previously easy system
> with cpu load aroung 1-3% to go to 400% (4core hyperthread here) for as
> long as it wants. All processes are quit (nothing above 2 percent) and
> virtuoso goes all crazy. The longest i had it was for about an hour
> before i got fed up and killed it.
> The trigger can be pretty different. At this moment i have 400% CPU load
> for about half and hour. It was triggered apparently by me starting
> akregator. The system was quit before.
> It sometimes goes on a run when starting firefox but those seem to be short.
> Those trigger are only guesses. So my question is:
> 1. Has someone an idea what happens?
> 2. Has someone an idea how to stop it?

- don't install virtuoso
- don't run virtuoso
- don't run nepomuk

Yes all of them including loosing the semantic desktop-stuff.


Are you making all this up as you go along?

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