virtuoso-t process going crazy

Michael Jansen info at
Wed Aug 11 20:53:58 BST 2010


Since some time it's nearly impossible to use kde without experiencing
on of virtuoso sissy fits (as i call them) for me.

For no apparent reason some actions triggers an previously easy system
with cpu load aroung 1-3% to go to 400% (4core hyperthread here) for as
long as it wants. All processes are quit (nothing above 2 percent) and
virtuoso goes all crazy. The longest i had it was for about an hour
before i got fed up and killed it.

The trigger can be pretty different. At this moment i have 400% CPU load
for about half and hour. It was triggered apparently by me starting
akregator. The system was quit before.

It sometimes goes on a run when starting firefox but those seem to be short.

Those trigger are only guesses. So my question is:

1. Has someone an idea what happens?
2. Has someone an idea how to stop it?
3. Has someone an idea how to find out what the reason? Some virtuoso
debug instructions.

All trunk here.


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