Improving Dr Konqi for developers

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Tue Aug 10 18:27:34 BST 2010

Milian Wolff, 09.08.2010:
> Hello people!

I think the discussion was very good, I'll try to get started on it after 
> 1) "jump to crash" button or similar. Dr Konqi is nice enough to insert
> [KCrash handler] in the BT, but so far I have to navigate there manually.
> Why not make that faster?

will scroll there at start
> 2) "jump to thread" combobox or similar, see above, jumping to Thread X is
> sometimes also nice.

I'll ditch that

> 3) open file, when hovering a URL I'd sometimes like to open that one
> quickly, just like e.g. Konsole offers me to.

will implement open file (not url, yes yes :P) when hovering path (if file 

> 4) syntax highlighting. Ok well, you guys know me from Kate/KDevelop, I'm a
> color whore and think it would make it easier to grasp a few things. I
> won't embed Katepart of course, but QSyntaxHighlighter should be enough
> for the simple GDB backtrace format.

will implement

> Now, why do I write this stuff here, instead of just implementing it:

Bye everyone :)
Milian Wolff
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