dbusmenuqt and left-click

Andriy Rysin arysin at gmail.com
Wed Aug 4 23:33:03 BST 2010

In keyboard layout indicator module I have a reaction to left-click via
activateRequested(), which is to toggle the layout to the next one (as
opposed to right-click which brings menu). Though currently (with latest
dbusmenuqt) no matter whether I click left or right button it's always
context menu that appears.

Is this a bug or something else is needed to make activateRequested() work?


     * Inform the host application that an activation has been requested,
     *           for instance left mouse click, but this is not guaranteed
     *           it's dependent from the visualization
     * @param active if it's true the application asked for the activatin
     *              of the main window, if it's false it asked for hiding
     * @param pos the position in the screen where the user clicked to
     *  trigger this signal, QPoint() if it's not the consequence of a mouse
    void activateRequested(bool active, const QPoint &pos);
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