Soprano: optional or mandatory?

Andreas Pakulat apaku at
Sun Aug 1 22:46:49 BST 2010

On 01.08.10 17:30:27, Josef Spillner wrote:
> By the way, quite a number of mandatory dependencies could still be converted 
> into optional ones. For example, why do I need to install Xscreensaver 
> libraries if I just want to develop applications using selected kdelibs 
> features.

You mean that find_package(KDE4) requires you to install screensaver
stuff? I can't reproduce that with KDE4.4 packages here (there are no
screensaver-related devel packages installed) and I can't recall this
being announced anywhere so it should be considered a bug if thats the
case with KDE 4.5 or trunk.

Of course building kdelibs is a different thing, potentially. And making
everything optional is not really a wanted thing, as it'll clutter the
code a lot with #ifdef's or other stuff when most people building the
module will want everything anyway.


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